Moroccan Quinoa

So far it’s been a relaxing weekend here which is nice after a busy week. I got pet beds washed, organized and did some catching up on paperwork in our office, took the dogs for a long walk, completed a few recipes, laundry, kitchen cleaning, had an extended workout at the gym, played Plants vs. Zombies 2, and snapped these gorgeous hot air balloons from our backyard.


Such a pretty view and perfect weather for it today. I’d like to ride in one at least once and thinking about it for our next wine country trip.


But I actually wish it was raining here because we need it, our weather is much warmer and dryer than it should be this time of year and that’s scary.

The pets have been enjoying the lazy day too with lots of playing and snoozing.


Tomorrow morning I have a long run scheduled as I rev up half marathon training again and quinoa seems to be my lucky pre-long-run meal, it’s energizing without being heavy or bloating. So I created an oil-free quinoa dish with a lot of flare inspired by a Moroccan bean stew.



Preparing this recipe and tossing it into a soup pot is pretty easy and fast, perfect for a simple and healthy one-pot meal on a lazy weekend night or busy work night.


It has a warm and savory aroma with a spicy flare, but not too spicy. The carrots and onion add a hearty texture making this dish very filling.


Leftovers can also sit in the fridge for a few days or freeze easily

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