Raw Protein and Dill Dip

Skipper out of the blue today became obsessed with a cat toy and did not want to give it up.


We had to rescue it before he ate the fluffy end, though that would have been interesting.


I guess that means he’s feeling better and becoming more stabilized on his current insulin dosage since he’s had more energy overall lately and getting freaky with stuffed pet beds. Hubby got a priceless video that I’m not sure would be appropriate to post!

I’m trying something new in my smoothies – Garden of Life’s Vanilla Spiced Chai Raw Protein.


I usually stick to the plain stuff to use in sweet or savory recipes, like raw soups or salad dressings. But decided to mix it up when I saw this on Amazon. I blended it with an orange, some frozen banana chunks, handful of kale, two carrots, and a chunk of fresh ginger with a few drops of NuNaturals Pure Liquid Lo Han Supreme and my smoothie came out wonderfully with a citrus gingery spice blended with a sweet and creamy vanilla, great for a winter smoothie.


I also created a new dressing/dip for lunch today because I had to use up an avocado and it came out great too.

Its very thick with a beautiful green color.


I used is as a dip for lightly steamed broccoli and carrots and the creamy texture and poppy dill flavor made the steamed veggies much more exciting.



If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway to try these new flavors!



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  1. says

    Hiya! I have been wanting that Chai Flavor of theirs!!!! And I hope I am one of your winners for NuNaturals that would be awesome! :)

    Skipper looks so sweet! So exciting that he found a new toy – eventho – it was originally a cat toy! LOL
    My parents finally found out that Lexi is a Collie/Rat Terrier Mix! I thought of your SKIPPER right away :)