Avocado Ranch Dressing

Traditionally we take all the Christmas decorations and tree down on New Year’s Day. But we have a problem this year – Skipper will lose his favorite sleeping spot.


The other dogs and cats prefer to sleep by the fireplace in the winter while he loves it under the tree. Maybe it’s happy memories from his previous families or the glowing lights are comforting to him. I’ve explained we can’t keep it forever because it will be a tacky fire hazard in July, but will feel bad when we take it down this week!

Huge salads are comforting to me and I was craving one for dinner tonight before another round of rich holiday eating tomorrow night … New Year’s Eve already!


And a slightly kicky, but healthy version of ranch dressing to go with it. Traditional ranch dressing is loaded buttermilk, sour cream, and even mayonnaise which is gross. The ingredient list on the processed stuff is even more gross. This version is very simple and uses one pure ingredient for the creamy and rich texture – avocado.


The texture of the dressing is very thick and creamy, perfect for smothering a salad or for a dip. You can add a little more water for a lighter texture.


The flavor is hubby-approved and a lot like the traditional stuff he noted with a tangy and punchy dill flavor. For me it was perfect for a nutrient dense meal salad.


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