Sweet and Spicy Curry Dressing

Christmas is getting closer, so exciting! Smokey has been carefully checking the tree for her gift.


Which will be something with catnip, she loves flinging around catnip poof balls until they all get lost under the bed or fridge.

Miko is getting a new toy because his Halloween toy is getting a little gross and shredded.


For Skipper, it will be food, lots and lots of food because this dog can eat all day! Maybe a huge bag of V-Dog with a bow on it.


I do still need to finish Christmas shopping for the pets this weekend, I think Leela would love this bed.

Tonight it’s all about salad. Christmas tends to bring a lot of splurge eating especially since our family gatherings always have way too much food. So the week before I try to eat healthy, nutrient dense foods without a lot of empty calories and threw together a huge spinach salad tonight.


But I needed a dressing for this monster and instantly thought of two of my favorite ingredients – hemp seeds and curry.


It always amazing me how little hemp seeds can take such a smooth and creamy texture in a blender. And this creamy dressing does a great job of coating veggies.


The dressing has a sweet, creamy, and rich curry flavor with a spicy flare from the cayenne that you can adjust or leave out all together.


Happy healthy eating before all the festivities!

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