Nectar Cafe Meetup

Today I attended another local vegan meetup thanks to Facebook Group Power to the Veg! This time it was in Auburn to try out a new vegan restaurant called Nectar Cafe and it was a great time chatting with local vegans, I could have easily stayed for a few more hours! I took the EV which was a little scary because I’ve never driven it to Auburn and while the trip was in the range, it required highway hill climbing into the foothills in chilly winter weather. But I decided to be daring … and I knew where local charging stations were in case I had to visit them before the trip home. Turns out it was no problem at all, the trip there only used 27% percent of the battery and trip home about 19% since it was mostly down hill.


And I arrived 20 minutes early giving me a little time to explore the shops in the area and the pretty patches of snow still hanging out from last weekend’s storm.


The weather was perfect for walking around and taking in the Christmas decorations.


And I virtually spent hundreds of dollars at Gaia’s Basket, a nearby organic health food store.


I finally wandered over to Nectar Cafe for the meetup and was the first to arrive.


The store front has a quint and modest cafe feel.


With vibrant colors inside.


And a clean and elegant dining area.


A lot of people showed up for the meetup and I think we overwhelmed them a bit with such a large group which was not a problem for me, I wasn’t in a hurry and enjoying chatting with everyone including Angelique Miller of Baagan, Kayle Martin of Cowgirl & Collard Greens, and Ilsa Hess of Nacheez. I ordered the Buddha-full Bowl and Macha Green Tea Latte.


The bowl starts with a brown rice or quinoa layer, soup of the day layer which was lentil coconut curry today, and topped with salad. It was a great combination, the creamy curry flavor blended nicely with the other ingredients and created a very filling meal. But it still left just enough room for dessert – the mint chocolate raw vegan tart.


It was so decadent, bites just seemed to melt with a rich chocolaty and strong mint flavor. Kind of like a fresher frozen peppermint patty cake and all yum.

I’m so glad another plant-based cafe is near by and I’m looking forward to my next trip! It’s also in a great location in downtown Auburn with great shopping, thrift shops, used book stores, and a health food store in walking distance making for a fun little getaway. And I can’t wait for the next vegan meetup!

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    I’m so jealous of your Cafe’s there! And Produce options :) Sounds like a neat meet-up! I kept looking at that delicious dessert all weekend on Instagram!!! OMG!

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