Leftovers and More Leftovers

Can’t believe this blissfully long weekend is almost over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Sigh. Oh well, it’s been a great weekend of relaxing, running, working out, shopping, and eating – oh my the eating! Friday night I took a break from Thanksgiving leftovers and headed out to Baagan for a vegan meetup I got invited to by Kayle of Cowgirls and Collard Greens. It was arranged by members of the Power to the Veg! Facebook Group and what a great meetup, so glad I got invited. About 20 vegans packed Baagan and hung around well after closing talking vegan stuff. I ordered the Trio Boat for dinner, always good, especially the spicy squash in this one.


And got to meet and chat with many lovely and amazingly active vegans, including the founder of Nacheez and jet-setters with awesome travel stories. I ended up staying and chatting much longer than anticipated and just enjoyed hanging out and chatting. I’m looking forward to the next local meetup!

My eats have not been too exciting because I’ve been trying to get through Thanksgiving leftovers the last 3 days! Green bean casserole for lunch Saturday.


I’ve also been adding leftover raw vegan cranberry sauce to breakfast smoothies which is actually delicious.


We ended up with tons of leftover vegan mashed potatoes, so I simmered it stove top with some water and added fresh chopped leeks and salt and pepper to make potato leek soup.


And it came out delicious with a nice creamy and hearty texture.


I had more green bean casserole for lunch today topping this serving with nutritional yeast and smokey seasoning to change it up a bit.


And for dinner tonight I finally finished up the Trader Joe’s Vegan Turkey-Less roast served with vegan gravy and a raw salad.


Thumbs up for the Trader Joe’s Turkey-Less Vegan Roast as a meat alternative holiday meal, we got a lot of servings out of it for $10 and it’s great re-heated and topped with gravy.

Today I stepped out to find a Christmas tree and fell in love with this beauty.


Thanks to my mom’s help, we got it back to my house where hubby set it up and I got the lights on before calling it quits for the evening. Skipper was perfectly happy to claim it as his new sleeping spot.



Reminding us what a sweet gift he is this year. :-)


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  1. says

    Awwww, look at him under that tree! So cute :)

    You did great things with your leftovers! I love the idea of making potato-leek soup, and stirring cranberry sauce into smoothies–genius! Thanks :)

  2. says

    I fully admit to being way more of a cat person than a dog person (I know, I’m confessing this to the wrong person), but I love reading about Skipper and seeing the pictures of how well cared for and peaceful he looks. Skipper makes me smile everytime! :)

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