Sage Carrot Dressing

Remember 3rd Rock from the Sun? A show from the 90s about aliens sent to Earth and how they observed humans. It was one of my favorite shows, hilarious with classic Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And the start to the Thanksgiving episode was precious when they went grocery shopping before Thanksgiving and thought it was the Apocalypse.

I braved Whole Foods after work today and it wasn’t quite that bad. Still crowded, but everyone seemed to be in a good mood and no long lines at check out. I grabbed organic vegan stuffing and a few other essentials for our small Thanksgiving tomorrow and kept my sanity, can’t complain.

Skipper has been very energetic lately playing tug-o-war with his toy and dancing around the house.


He’s too blind to play fetch with, but crashing into walls and furniture does not stop him from doing his happy dance for dinner, walks, and play time.


He’s just so sweet and happy all the time and loves attention. I love salads, especially right before a huge vegan feast. I threw together a simple dressing for a huge dinner kale salad using sage and creamy tahini for a rich fall dressing.


Thanks to the carrots, it has a vibrant fall color.


And is very thick and creamy for coating veggies.


The flavors is creamy, savory, and tangy with a nice sage flavor that isn’t overkill.


Perfect for coating a light or hearty dinner salad.

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