Dijon Balsamic Dressing

It’s been a great long weekend so far with a fun filled day of shopping and eating out with my sister yesterday. But shopping all day is exhausting! We started with an early lunch at Baagan to fuel up and we both got the Chana wrap, a wrap stuffed with chana garbanzo beans, plenty of veggies, and a spicy green creamy sauce.


Delicious with the right amount of spice and very filling. And we shared a green tea banana soft serve, also delicious!


From there we hit a lot of stores on a mission to find some more winter clothes, my selection of long sleeve tops for work was getting a little ratty. We started at a thrift shop since I’m trying to get better at thrift shopping and I’ve been getting lucky finding brand name pants and blazers for work that fit nicely. I scored two more pairs of pants and a nice business casual top. My sister scored a lot of skirts and professional work wear too for cheap!

Then we hit a few shops around the mall before getting lost in the mall and had some more success. By the end of our shopping trip, I scored two pairs of pants and 7 tops for about $100, not bad! But we were starved after all that shopping and ended up at Zocalo for dinner and a pitcher of happy hour mojitos.


And I had the veggie enchiladas with a savory and rich chocolate mole sauce.


It was so nice to take a day off work and have a little girl fun shopping time because I hate shopping alone, always need another opinion if something doesn’t look right. What’s not fun after a huge shopping trip is sorting through all the clothes, removing tons of tags and washing them carefully following the washing instructions.

Today has been very low-key at home catching up on chores and chilling with lazy dogs, Miko is still happy to snuggle inside since it’s getting colder outside.


And I’m happy to play in the kitchen creating more recipes like this simple Dijon balsamic dressing for my lunch salad today.

A lot of balsamic dressing recipes have sugar, honey, or something to counter the bitterness with a little sweet. For me, bananas do that perfectly with a smooth and creamy texture and more nutritional value.



The dressing has a fun sweet, tangy, and spicy party going on for a simple list of ingredients. And it coated the salad beautifully.


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    When I saw your pics on Instagram I was LOVING them! Still am! Nice! That dressing sounds neat! Dijon & Balsamic!!!! Yes! I have already posted 2 entries today with many more on the way! I pre-posted some but I think I will post one more later today! I’ve been VERY busy in the kitchen, indeed! PLUS…I have to get some furkids pics in there soon! Maybe tomorrow :)