Hemp Nog

It has been a crazy week at work with co-workers taking days off for Thanksgiving, on baby leave, and calling in sick. Non-stop stress and running around with too much multitasking makes work days a blur and my brain feeling mushy at the end of the day. But I’m in a great mood because I’m sipping a nice glass of wine, had a great workout at the gym, and it’s my virtual Friday because I am taking tomorrow off to play and shop. And I came home to sweet faces wanting dinner.


Which sweet hubby had ready for them and he prepared a gorgeous vegan dinner for us.


Vegan enchiladas! He did an amazing job using Amy’s Organics Vegan Refried Beans for the filling and topped them with enchilada sauce with textured vegetable protein, and spicy chili peppers.


He’s been having fun with the box of Bod’s Red Mill TVP I bought from Amazon. For under $10, those packages have been going a long way and are a great and fast way to add protein and fiber to sauces and use in place of ground meat. TVP adds a chewy, ground meat-like texture, but healthier and cheaper.


The enchiladas were delicious for coming together so fast and so wonderful after a long day. I’m so lucky to have a hubby with kitchen skills. :-)

I have been working on simple, healthier options to seasonal holiday treats. I’m not thrilled about a lot of processed dairy and non-dairy products carrying carrageenan and decided to focus on simple healthier alternatives. I like vegan “egg” nogs this time of year for adding a little holiday flare to coffee and smoothies, but many of processed versions are packing carrageenan. Boo. Luckily creating a whole foods version is pretty simple. I used hemp seeds with this version because they add a nice thickness and do not need to be strained.


The texture and color is a lot like traditional nog.


These glass pitchers are so handy for homemade nut and seed milks.


The mixture will separate a bit and require a little shake before use, small price to pay for not having processed thickeners and worth it. The flavor is very much like traditional nog to me with a playful and sweet spice from the cinnamon and nutmeg and warming. It’s great in coffee.


And maybe blended with frozen bananas, hmmm.

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    I like Bob’s TVP! I haven’t done anything with it in a while tho! I should!
    You should make your husband where an apron…j/k LOL :)
    He sounds AWESOME!

    Everything looks and sounds YUMMY!