Apple Broccoli Soup

It’s actually cold and rainy here today and Miko is not a happy camper, he’d rather snuggle up inside than go outside and do his doggy business. It takes a little extra coaxing to get him to the backyard and he usually stays under the overhang and refuses to step out into the rain.


Skipper, on the other hand, will just charge out into the rain and get all muddy and wet before coming back in.

Skipper, the sweet senior rat terrier that moved in with us a few months ago, is doing okay. He had his final blood glucose vet appointment yesterday to confirm his current insulin dosage for canine diabetes and the vet confirmed his blood sugar is still erratic meaning his pancreas is kicking in intermittently and could be caused by age and/or a tumor. I hope not the later, but he seems happy and comfortable now.


He’s such a sweetheart and still loves to eat, cuddle, and has even been playing with toys lately.

I’ve been playing with more ways to enjoy raw broccoli, something that’s a hit or miss for me, but usually a hit blended into raw soups. This recipe uses sweet apple to counter the slightly bitter broccoli with thyme for a festive fall soup.


The texture of the soup is thick and creamy with a slight sweetness and savory warmness.


The bitter flavor broccoli can sometimes have was not present, replaced by a smooth sweet and savory flavors.


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  1. says

    Had to swing by for the dog fix :)

    Hope Skipper improves or at least is not in pain – you guys are angels to take him in – I’m so glad he found you!!!

    The soup sounds great! I was telling hubby about your Broccoli Potato Mash and I think I might try a few in the near future! I bought some potatoes and sweet potatoes yesterday, even!