Dijon Persimmon Dressing

I adore quiet and relaxing Sunday mornings where the house is quiet and I get to sip coffee and catch up on online news while lazy dogs snuggle up near the space heater. Yesterday I had a very expensive trip to the mall that I’m not happy about, but finally had to admit I needed new bras because my current selection was showing it’s age and straps annoying me. As soon as I started looking at Victoria’s Secret’s selection, a perky employee offered to measure me and insisted that I needed it if it’s been over a year. What she found was I went down a measurement size and up a cup size, what?!? I took a few of the newly recommended sizes in to try on and they felt considerably more snug and supportive compared to my old one, it guess I’ve gone through some changes since the last measurement with all the running and gym time! But eek on over $100 for a few new bras!

I also stopped by our new Lululemon store and drooled over a nice jacket, but couldn’t justify the $118 price tag! Wow on the mall, it was already in full on Christmas mode and the crowds were eating it up! So many cute ornaments and gorgeous decorations to look at. I love the new trend of lighted bare trees and branches and think I need some for our office to make it a lighted zen forest year round.


It must be getting chilly here when the chihuahuas are willing to share the cozy warm kennel.


This is very rare, usually Leela wants nothing to do with sharing anything while Miko is more of an in-your-face share everything type of guy.


I have plenty of salad to share after making a huge bowl to use up romaine lettuce and persimmons that came in our farm box. Usually I’m pretty clueless about what to due with persimmons besides snacking on them and a quick recipe search for inspiration found tons of cake and dessert recipes with them. I’m not much of a baker and wanted more of a tangy and savory recipe.


So I got a little crazy with Dijon mustard and found it complimented the sweet flavor if the persimmon nicely.



The texture of the dressing is very creamy, almost silky.


And coats a large salad beautifully.


I topped a large serving with Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Shreds and a little smokey seasoning for a great lunch salad.


The dressing adds a creamy sweetness and tang to the cool and crisp veggies.


Miko agrees, he was happy to provide his plate cleaning service.


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    Long time no see! Eeeeek! I’m back and I think I had 4 or 5 posts today! LOL I love Persimmon flavored things but have never done anything with them myself mainly because we don’t have them available in most stores in my region…boo hiss! LOVE the Chi Photos! So Adorable!