Smokey Apple Dressing

Wow, this week has flown by with busy work days and new toy excitement with my new iPad. I’ve been spending plenty of time playing Plants vs. Zombies 2, it’s slightly addicting and even more fun on a larger screen.

Skipper has been doing good, he seems to be doing better with his current insulin dosage and has a lot of energy lately.


The poor old guy is very blind at this point, but that doesn’t stop him from getting excited about walks and crashing into walls doing his happy dance.

And it’s starting to look more festive here, we’ve been bringing out the Thanksgiving/fall decorations with the cooler weather and I love it.


I’ve also been obsessed with this Trader Joe’s South African Smoke seasoning grinder lately.


It has a smokey, slightly spicy, peppery flavor that’s great in massaged kale salads, lentils, soups … just about any savory dish! I recently blended it with an apple and hemp seeds to create a slightly sweet, creamy, and smokey dressing that worked very well.

I never get tired of salads with so many flavor options just by throwing ingredients into a blender which my mom thinks I’m nuts for. :-)


This dressing has a warm color to go with the smokey flavors.


I coated a large kale salad with tomatoes, peppers, and lentils in the dressing.


And it added a wonderfully creamy and smokey flavor with a slight sweetness and tang.


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    Oh! How I’ve missed your blog the last week or two! Glad you are on Instagram, tho, I got a mini fix thru that! lol That smoke stuff looks awesome! WOW!