Simple Soft Serve

Happy Halloween! I’m typing this between running trips to the front door to hand out candy and we’re getting a lot of trick-or-treaters! Hubby did an awesome job on our jack-o-lantern.


And we’ve got three pouting dogs in the backyard.


Skipper has a hugely loud and booming bark that rattles us every time the doorbell rings and Miko wants to charge outside to greet everyone, so it’s much easier to keep them in the backyard during the high traffic time. Don’t worry, hubby and I are taking shifts to play with them outside. :-)

While I haven’t been splurging on Halloween candy, I did have a bit of a splurge dinner tonight to keep things simple and fast. I threw together a fast stir fry with Sweet Earth Curry Seitan, a little coconut oil, broccoli, and carrots.


I’m seriously cutting back on fried foods, but an occasional one isn’t bad. And the curried seitan had a enough extra sauce to coat the veggies too. The texture of the seitan was a little spongy, but the edges crisped up nicely and the creamy curry flavor was marinated throughout the seitan.


And I had another splurge with dinner last night, kind of. I threw together a simple and fast banana soft serve in the blender, but added a little psyllium husk for added fiber and thickness.


Psyllium husk is a whole foods fiber supplement that can be purchased in the health foods/vitamins section of most grocery stores, lately I’ve been getting it from Trader Joe’s. It’s a simple way to add fiber to blender sauces, smoothies, soft serve, juices, etc.


It did a good job of thickening up this soft serve without adding a fibrous or gritty texture.

I know, not the most beautiful presentation here, but I was keeping it real and simple for a fast weeknight.


The texture is smooth and silky with a creamy and light chocolate flavor with just a hint of vanilla that kind of reminded me of a certain fast food version, but healthier and faster to make than waiting in the drive thru.

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