Cinnamon Maple Dessert Balls

It’s been a relaxing weekend so far here with a little lap cuddle time while I catch up on Breaking Bad.


A huge kale salad from Whole Foods with home made smokey avocado rosemary dressing.


Stepping out to see Captain Phillips.

And what a great movie. I was hesitant to see it because the trailers made it look like a long and tough struggle to watch, but it was paced very well and wow on the acting jobs.

And I also created a simple fall dessert ball recipe because it’s been too long since I’ve created one! I love raw dessert balls for being simple, whole foods based treats that can be enjoyed one at a time right out of the freezer or taken to a party for a fun treat. And there are so many flavor possibilities for them. This recipe came out a little gooier than my previous recipes, but that made then all the more tasty out of the freezer since the outside stayed chilled and firm, but the insides are soft, chewy, and sweet. They’d make a great simple dessert or workout snack.

I love walnuts and that they’re so cheap this time of year.


But if you’re not a fan of walnuts, they can be subbed out for more hemp seeds or almonds.


The dough almost looks chocolatey and smells like a sweet cinnamon treat.


It looks more like doughnut hole when rolled into balls.


A container of these can be stored in the freezer for months for occasional snacks.


The texture of these balls are more gooey and sticky at room temperature, but still delicious.


These are also sweeter than ones I’ve made in the past with a warm and playful spice from the cinnamon and dash of salt, perfect balance for a fall treat.

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  1. says

    Maple Walnut! NOMNOMNOM!
    LOVE Miko’s pic! So sweet!
    I have been wondering about that movie! Good to know it was a GOODIE! I LOVE Tom Hanks! His son kind of looks like my Brother In Law ~ LOL