Sage Butternut Soup

It’s nice to enjoy a little down time sipping wine after a busy day at work and running to the gym. Skipper agrees, he’s always up for a little down time.


He loves froggy napping, he’ll crash into that position as soon as we get back from a long walk. I love simple raw meals after a busy day and all the butternut squashes coming from our garden this time of year.


And creating creamy raw soups with them! This recipe is inspired by a raw foods demonstration I went to at Whole Foods a few years ago where raw, spiral-sliced butternut squash was served with a simple olive oil and sage seasoning. The texture of the butternut noodles were iffy to me, too crunchy. But the sage went with the butternut wonderfully adding a warm and comforting fall flavor. This soup brings that out in a creamy and soothing texture that’s easier to digest.

I realize skinning and chopping up a raw butternut squash may not seem like a fast thing to do on a week night. But chopping the squash in half, scooping out the seeds, then chopping into sections and cutting off the skin of each section only took about 5 minutes.


And it’s just tossing ingredients into a blender after that. I topped the soup with a little Trader Joe’s South African Smoked seasoning because I’m slightly obsessed with it lately for adding just a little heat and smokey flavor.


The flavor of the soup has a warming comfort from the sage with a rich and creamy texture with a sweet and savory butternut flavor.


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  1. says

    Froggy Napping! LOVE it!!!! Cute!

    The Soup sounds GREAT! I tinkered with a Butternut/Apple Combo and didn’t LOVE it but I probably should have tried one of YOURS first! They always sounds so awesome! :)