Mock Pumpkin Pie Soup

Fall is really in the air here and I love it. I love what the leaves on our trees are doing.


I want to go on a hike or bike ride this weekend collecting fall leaves. And maybe visit a pumpkin farm. And enjoy more of the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge! Yeah, I’m ready for the weekend already.


I’m feeling a lot better after Sunday’s awesome half marathon, I can go down stairs now without looking like a zombie. I got in an easy elliptical workout last night since my legs were still a little sore and a more intense workout at the gym after work tonight. Hopefully I’ll be ready for a quick run tomorrow night, we’ll see!

When I got home, I had to take care of the important job first – feeding hungry dogs.


Then I could play in the kitchen and I had fun tonight creating a sweet, mock pumpkin pie raw soup. Mock because there’s no actual pumpkin in it, just carrots, banana, and hemp seeds seasoned to taste like a pumpkin treat. And this recipe worked because the banana and carrots added just the right amount of sweetness without sugar, dates, or agave nectar. The soup had a warming flare from the nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.


Carrots and banana are a great pumpkin substitute with a sweet orange, yet creamy texture when blended together. The hemp seeds added a protein and good fat heartiness to the soup.


The flavor and texture of the soup is more like a slightly sweet smoothie with a playful level of spice, just like pumpkin pie.


And it’s a great way to celebrate fall.


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  1. says

    That sounds FAB! YUM! LOVE the colors in those leaves! I really must take some more pics of our area and the foliage before it’s too late! Eeeek!

    • says

      Thanks, it came out delicious for a simple recipe. True on the foliage here, I keep saying I wanna get out and see more but our weekends have been filling up fast.