Curry Zucchini Soup

Yesterday was a long, but fun day. It was National Plug In Day, a holiday to celebrate electric vehicles, and I volunteered with SacEV at a big celebration event at the Folsom Outlets.


It was an all day event and I was scheduled for the second part of the day to show cars, answer questions, and help other volunteers. Of course I arrived a little early to check everything out and wow, it was a huge event! I have never seen so many different models of electric vehicles, there was at least one of every model and a fuel cell display.

I also finally got to see a few Tesla Roadsters in person and they look fun!


And this cute Mitsubishi i-MiEV.


There was also a group that converts classic cars into electric vehicles, pretty sweet!


For the first part of my shift I hung out by a Chevy Spark EV showing it off and answering questions on it.


Luckily the specs were similar to my EV and I researched it quick on my phone. It’s smaller with less cargo behind the rear seats, but a lot of people seemed really interested in the smaller size for it being easier to park and being a simple, minimalist commuter. And fun with a 0-60 around 6 seconds!

For the second part I actually had to put my Honda Fit EV on display near the row of Teslas and the super charging station.


It was non-stop foot traffic for a few hours since everyone wanted to see Teslas and speak to the owners. And they headed over to us cheaper EVs on display after they heard the Tesla prices. :-) I was answering a ton of questions while watching stranger after stranger climb into my car, but it was a great experience for people curious about electric cars to talk to owners about everything from driving range, cost, charging, and incentives. Electric vehicle popularity seems to be growing too because the event was over twice the size of last year’s and many times more crowded. There were dealerships there too offering test drives for Nissan Leafs, Ford Focus EVs, and even a couple of Tesla Model S available to test. I had fun listening to people gush about the driving experience after they test drove one for the first time, how quiet, smooth, and powerful they are.

My mom stopped by later in the afternoon to help and we headed to Casa Ramos for a quick dinner before heading home where I ordered a veganized version of the veggie enchiladas holding the cheese and sour cream and replacing the cream sauce with a green chile sauce.


They were good, not overly amazing, but a nice little spicy flare and very filling.

But I was glad to get a little creative time in the kitchen for dinner tonight with a new, simple zucchini soup recipe with a perfect curry flare and creamy texture.


The texture came out very smooth, slightly airy.


I kept things simple serving it with steamed spaghetti squash and was very happy with the flavor of the soup for simple and fast ingredients, it has a kicky, but not overpowering curry flavor.


The texture is creamy with a whipped and airy texture when poured straight from the blender.


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      Thanks! :-) It came out very good for a simple list of ingredients and good thing since I still have a ton of zucchini in the garden!