Curried Comfort Food

Well hello, Monday, what are you doing back so quick? It was a productive weekend banging out chores and pulling off a 9-mile run for half marathon training. After a day full of rain Saturday it’s starting to feel like fall here finally! The pups are enjoying the cooler temps.


It’s almost chilly at night and I’m ready to trade triple-digit heat for turning leaves and pumpkins! And butternut squashes since we have many of them popping up in our garden now.


I was feeling a little drained yesterday after my long run and craving something hearty for dinner, something that celebrates fall with a little flare and would be perfect to use one of our butternuts in. I skinned, seeded, and chopped one up and just tossed it and a bunch of other ingredients into a large soup pot until it worked.


The staring spice was curry powder because it just goes so well with butternut squash to me adding a rich and warm flavor.

I did not add oil or saute the onions for this recipe since I’m reducing my oil and fried foods intake and the onions really did not need it, they added a nice flavor as is.


The curry powder was nicely strong and blended beautifully with the squash chunks making this a very hearty one-pot meal.


The flavor was warm with a satisfying level of spice that celebrated fall while having a creamy texture.



And I have enough leftovers to get through a week or two of lunches!

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    The Chi’s look adorable as always! So sweet! I’ll have to get Paco’s sweaters out soon! It’s been chilly here! That certainly looks like a Comfort Food, indeed! YUM!