Sweet Curry Ice Cream

Ah, Friday eve finally. And Miko is ready to party, we had an intense play session when I got home from the gym with his favorite dirty pig toy.


It might be time to put it through the wash again.


Shadow just watched the craziness, I think he might have rolled his eyes a few times.


He much prefers playing at 2am crashing around the house.

Skipper was happy to just chill in hubby’s lap.


I came home to a sweet surprise, hubby made a delicious tangy bulgur salad with chopped cucumber from our garden for dinner.


It was wonderful with a tangy dill flavor, so sweet! A man that can prepare beautiful healthy meals is just so sexy.


It inspired me to get a little crazy for dessert with a recipe I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Hubby originally came up with this idea one night while we were eating spicy Thai curry dishes a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been thinking of a recipe to make it work since and it did!

Frozen banana chunks are a little tough in a food processor, it may take a couple of stop-and-stirs to get to a smooth texture.


But the end result is so worth it. It’s a crazy flavor combo, but it works with a sweet, creamy, and playfully spicy flavor. Relying on just the bananas and raisins for sweetness added the perfect amount of sweetness without being too sweet, satisfies a sweet tooth without loads of sugar.


The curry and ginger flavors are present with a mild spicy kick, but not too strong to overpower the sweetness.


Feeling daring? Give this recipe a try!

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