Simple Zucchini Ramen Soup

It’s been a relaxing and productive weekend so far, I met my mom at the gym for an non-rushed workout yesterday morning, then worked through a lot of house chores with hubby, and stepped out to see Elysium before making a relaxing dinner at home. Not a bad movie,  you’ll like it if you liked District 9, but the shaky came footage in the first half was giving me a headache and I got a little tired of the gore. Since Skipper moved in, we haven’t gone on any longer weekend day trips because he can’t stay inside in a kennel that long with how frequently he needs to pee and I feel bad about leaving him in the backyard for so many hours with the summer heat, so we’re looking forward to cooler fall weather. But we’re still working on getting him stabilized and figuring out all his health challenges. He’ll have another vet appointment this week for blood work and a follow up since starting insulin for canine diabetes.

He got a lot of cuddle time with hubby yesterday.


But I think Miko is starting to get a little jealous giving us brokenhearted looks when Skipper is getting all the attention.


Sharing is so hard!

Last night I was craving soup, noodle soup specifically. But I didn’t have any noodles in the house and didn’t feel like splurging on dining out. But I did have a huge zucchini ready to go in the garden.


And our spiral slicer to make zucchini noodles!


I decided to use them in a ramen-style soup using a handful of simple ingredients for the broth.


I also had two ears of fresh corn to use up so I diced to use the corn zipper and add them for Ramen Girl style soup.


We also added broccoli and chopped tofu to make it a meal soup and topped servings with fresh chopped green onions which added a crisp savory kick.


What’s fun about a simple broth base like this is you can put soy sauce, red pepper flakes, and other seasonings on the table to allow everyone to customize their own bowl. By itself, the broth had a slight savory, tangy, and spicy flavor blended with sweetness from simmering the corn in the broth. And loading the soup with so many veggies made it very filling while not being loaded in calories for a lighter meal that’s still comforting.


The cooked spiral sliced zucchini held the noodle form nicely and I really didn’t miss having noodles in this soup.

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    Looks amazing! :)
    Miko has been a good sport! Skipper is so lucky to have found you guys! LOVE your family photos and stories :)