Creamy Tomato Soup

Hooray, Friday is almost here. And we’re still hanging in there with Skipper, it’s been almost two weeks with him now but feels longer since so much has happened. I’m adjusting to giving him insulin shots twice a day and updating my morning routine to include that before work. It’s still a nerve racking process filling a syringe to the correct amount and making sure there are no air bubbles and monitoring him closely looking for signs the dosage needs to be adjusted. He’s still super hungry all the time chowing down dinner at a record pace.


Then checking for more dinner around the bowl.


And he’s been loving all the extra attention perfectly contented to be carried around.


Miko has been a good sport, getting his fair share of attention when he can even if he has to compete with Plants vs. Zombies 2.


And I still have not gotten to the grocery store, it’s also been nearly two weeks! Luckily we got a farm box today with a big box of fresh heirloom tomatoes that inspired me to create a raw vegan version of a childhood classic – tomato soup.


The color is lighter and texture much thicker and creamier than the canned stuff I remember, but the flavor is there and much better for me with tangy herb kick and garlic flare.



I ran the Vitamix for about 2 minutes to hit a thick and silky smooth texture and it was wonderful.



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  1. Ali says

    Wow, this sounds delicious. Believe it or not I think if I had tomatoes in the house I would make some right now for breakfast. Which would probably really perplex my omnivore houseguest.

  2. says

    I’m going to have to try this recipe! I have been thinking about creamy tomato soup lately! It sure does look like Skipper is doing well and HAPPY to be part of your fam! LOVE it!

    Yes, it’s FRIDAY! Wooooo! Have a great weekend! I mentioned you in my first post today and I will have a 2nd post here pretty soon, too!