Spicy Nacho Cheese Dip

I always dreaded dental cleanings because I have teeth from hell thanks to my dad’s side of the family. Because they’re so close together, I could spend 2 hours flossing with 4 different types of floss and still not get everything. At a cleaning, one thing was always assured – I will get lectured on inflamed gums and proper flossing, probably followed by a scary estimate of work needed that could buy a new laptop or TV! If there was a college course on proper flossing, I could teach it I’ve been lectured on technique so many times! I’ve spent so much frustrating time in front of the mirror practicing and brushing and flossing at work after lunch. However, yesterday’s cleaning went very differently, I actually got praised for the much improved gum condition, lack of bleeding while cleaning and overall improved oral condition! I was tempted to have my dentist write a congratulatory note just so I could frame it!

I’ve been racking my brain on what I’ve changed in the last 6 months and it was mainly my diet – converting to high-raw, getting rid of animal products and I gradually reduced my intake of diet soda until completely quitting two months ago and I’ve significantly reduced my coffee intake, being done with it and teeth brushed before I leave the house in the morning. I only been drinking water, an occasional glass of wine and fresh fruit/veggie juice. I’ve pretty much removed all refined sugar products and have not had a non-raw cookie or dessert since Christmas. So many changes I guess! I’m very excited about this, I’ve been battling dental issues for so many years that it’s always been a pain in my rear both time-wise and financially – dental work isn’t cheap! I’ve just assumed that’s my genetic curse and now not-so-much! I’m already thinking about the money savings with this new trend … better down payment on future car, earlier retirement, hmmmmm…

I took the leftovers from last nights raw eggplant lasagna experiment to my mom’s for lunch today with her, my sister and nieces and it was a surprising hit even with the kids! That was probably the most vegetables I’ve ever seen them eat in a sitting, lol, and made all my efforts worth it last night!

I also got creative with the Vita-Mix again tonight craving something spicy. I loved the hemp seed nacho cheese, but decided to create a spicier, lighter version that came out great!

It is spicy, which I like, but you may want to tone the spices down for less kick.

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    I knew you would have a nice Nacho ‘cheese’ Sauce for me to try! Gotta LOVE your search bar and archives, thanks!

    BTW…I already posted two today with a 3rd on the way! Be on the look out for the VeganDelish App Giveaway! I will be posting it later today!