Cinnamon Raisin Dessert Balls

Woohoo, tomorrow is finally Friday and I am ready to end this week! I’ve been feeling a little tired and drained from work stress and having my sleep interrupted from being on call for work and it’s catching up to me because I was craving something sweet with dinner. I have no medjool dates in the house, but I do have a huge box of organic raisins in the pantry I picked up from Costco and plenty of hemp seeds in the freezer. Since raisins work great with cinnamon, I threw together a super simple cinnamon raisin dessert ball recipe with a simple list of ingredients.

The “dough” is very thick and sticky, easy to roll into neat little balls right out of the food processor.


Hmmm, they kind of look like meatballs, but taste nothing like them!


The texture is thick and gooey, perfect for a raw dessert ball. And the flavor is rich and sweet with the perfect amount of sweetness from the raisins, no additional sugar is needed.


The cinnamon flavor is light and delicate adding just the right amount of brightness to the flavors.


These are perfect for storing in the freezer for an emergency sweet tooth, energy snack, or an easy grab snack on the road.


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