Chia Rosemary Dressing

Happy Saturday, so glad the weekend is here! The last few days at work have been nuts, so I’m grateful to have a little down time planned this weekend to catch up, run, and relax. And maybe get to making a huge batch of kale chips, we’ll see! Yesterday we stopped by Whole Foods for a simple dinner at home and I picked up more organic kale starters to add to our garden.


I love that these little plants don’t take up much space in our planter beds and flourish over the summer months.

I also picked up a simple salad from the salad bar and served it in the box – classy, right?


Thursday night I put a little more effort into my salad throwing together an interesting and delicious chia seed rosemary dressing. The ingredient list is a little complex because I had fun adding to the Vitamix as I went along and tweaked the flavor.

I love using carrots as a sauce or dressing base, even organic carrots are inexpensive. They’re low calorie, but add a lot of nutritional value and plenty of color.


I coated a messy salad of baby kale, sprouts, and red bell pepper in the dressing.  Why not? It’s veggie based and adds a lot of flavor.


And topped my serving with plenty of hemp seeds for a main meal salad.


The dressing has a strong rosemary kick with a slight punch from the cayenne paired nicely with a tangy creaminess from the vinegar and tahini.


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  1. says

    Can’t go wrong with Kale Chips! The salad and dressing look and sound great! Here’s hoping this week is less crazy, eh!? LOL

    Hang in there!