Strawberry Chia Dressing

I’m so happy the weekend is finally here and we’ve been living it up already celebrating hubby’s birthday with a little fine dining last night where I might have had too many amazing garlic fries and wine. So today we’ve been laying a little low relaxing and playing.


And I crammed in a lot of errands to pick up new Nike running capris and my packet for a 12k race tomorrow. Sadly I’m not totally looking forward to the race since rain and wind are in the forecast for it, ick! And I’m a little worried about ankle pain, we’ll see! I also braved the weekend crowds at Costco to restock in fresh produce and fell in love with a package of organic strawberries.


But the package is huge and strawberries do not last that long! So I created a tasty chia seed dressing using them tonight for a meal salad that can double as a dessert.


The dressing is a beautiful dark pink and very thick and creamy.


I also sauteed chopped tempeh in a little coconut oil, agave nectar, and cinnamon to go in the salad.


And coated a large salad of spinach, chopped apple, chopped red pepper, carrot ribbons, and the tempeh in the dressing.


For a lovely and hearty pre-race dinner salad.


The dressing is slightly sweet with a playful little kick from the paprika and a strong strawberry flavor. The blended chia seeds add a thick, slightly gelatinous texture that complemented the crunchy tempeh cubes nicely.


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  1. Ali says

    Good luck in the race! Its rainy and windy here too.
    When I have extra strawberries I just stem them and freeze them whole and toss them into smoothies.

  2. says

    Hiya! Guess what? It’s Monday again…sigh…glad you enjoyed your weekend, tho!!!
    Brilliant idea about the Strawberry Chia! I have that problem with using all the strawberries I buy in a day or two, too! I’m gathering all my pics and info to post in a few hours on my blog! I actually got out and about this weekend! YAY! I’m going to go thru your Tempeh Recipes, soon, too, btw! Thanks for everything!