Chia Curry Dressing

I’m dragging this week feeling stressed at work and unmotivated to hit the gym and catch up on chores when I get home. Work has just been so busy and non-stop the last few weeks that I think it’s building up on me, I’m constantly in go-go-go mode trying to juggle a few things at once. Which means it’s time to start planning a vacation, right? And I’ve been trying to eat well this week in response to the stress and maybe a little decadent eating over the weekend with plenty of hearty salads and dressing creations to go with them. I love curry and never seem to get tired of it, there’s something warm and comforting about it and it works so well in salads. I wanted to keep this dressing largely veggie-based since it was going on a hearty salad loaded with avocado and hemp seeds. But also thick and creamy by adding chia seeds.

I coated a large salad of romaine lettuce, chopped apple, avocado, and hemp seeds with the dressing.


By itself, the dressing has a strong and spicy curry flavor that was borderline too strong. But it coated the romaine leaves evenly adding the perfect amount of warm and rich savory flavor when spread out in a salad.


And the sweet apple chunks in the salad complimented the kicky flavor with a bright sweetness.


It’s also a Miko-approved dressing.


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  1. says

    Mmmmm I love curry – need to try this one! I have so many recipes of yours to try! Do you have a FAVOURITE avocado dressing that I should try? I love a few of yours, so know I need to try more! Loved every one I’ve tried so far!! :)

    Sorry you’re lacking motivation – that was me last week! You’ll get back to it girl <3

  2. says

    Totally know what you mean with work! Oye! I had wanted to get a post up before now but it won’t be up until later! DRAT!

    This looks awesome! I can almost taste it thru the screen! Miko approved!!!! LOVE it!

    • says

      Yeah, it’s been a crazy week! I haven’t had the time or energy for playing in the kitchen! :-( Hoping things settle a bit after Easter!