Chocolate Therapy

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, hope your plans for the big day are for fun and great, healthy food. Ours are up in the air since poor hubby arrived home from his week of business travel with flu symptoms running a fever all of yesterday, coughing, and no energy. Miko, with his dirty toy, has been a great little support buddy with him while camped out on the couch.


Before he arrived home, I had a great shopping day out with my sisters on Friday that included a huge toasted grain salad from Baagan for lunch.


And plenty of splurging on wardrobe updates with so many great sales and coupons, I was a little shocked at how much I splurged on when I got home and unpacked everything! But that’s okay since I just shoveled a lot out of my closet the day before, things were getting a little ratty after over a year of saving money and not shopping!

Yesterday morning I had a great run to start off February with a faster than average pace even with intervals.


Hopefully I can keep the pace up!

I followed the run with a huge lunch salad with massaged kale, carrot, and zucchini ribbons and seasoned with chopped orange, lemon juice, and tahini.


By dinner time I was craving chocolate after a quiet day at home and worrying about hubby. And decided to have a holiday throwback treat using up the last of the candy cane chunks in the pantry.


And dinner was served for me. Not the most nutritionally dense dinner, but I figured that was okay after a kale-loaded protein smoothie for breakfast and huge salad for lunch, right? :-)


The texture of the ice “cream” is fabulous, very smooth, whipped, and silky. It still amazes me that a food processor can turn frozen bananas into that texture so easily and faster. The raw dates added sweet and chewy chunks to the ice cream while the peppermint chunks added a little crunch, perfect. I might need more for dinner tonight if the flu is invading our house.

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  1. says

    2 things…
    1. that toasted grain salad from baagan looks AMAZING.
    2. how do you like the vegan mozz cheese from TJs? it looks like parm, does it taste like mozz or parm or neither? texture?

  2. says

    ok one more thing. i just realized that restaurant is in roseville. sooo, are you close to roseville bc if so we need to chat. [might be moving to davis in the next few months/summer time(ish)]

    • says

      Hi! I do like the TJ’s vegan mozzarella shreds because they have a strong mozzarella flavor that melts nicely in soups and on pizzas. The texture is a little parm-like, but also does not seem as greasy as the Daiya shreds.

      How exciting, Davis is awesome! And email sent. :-)