Raw Protein Gingerbread Ice Cream

Even though this week has been hectic, I’m finally feeling relaxed and giddy about the holidays because my shopping is done … I think. And the chilly winter weather, Christmas playlist, and gorgeous holiday lights have been making weeknight runs nice! Shadow has been having his own celebration snoozing under the Christmas tree as much as possible,


But Miko still prefers his favorite place in hubby’s lap.


As much as I try to eat healthy over the holidays, I still crave festive treats and have been having fun remixing them in high raw vegan recipes. Tonight I used Garden of Life’s Raw Protein in a festive gingerbread “ice cream”.


It’s one of my favorites for smoothies currently because of the low calorie, high protein content per serving with probiotics. And the fine powder mixes smoothly with greens and fruit for smoothies. After a spinach-loaded smoothie for breakfast and a monster salad for lunch, I decided to treat myself to dessert for dinner you know, to test a new recipe of course.


What I love about raw frozen banana ice cream is that it comes together so fast in a blender or food processor, I had this ready and the food processor washed in less than 15 minutes! And I love that such a cheap and simple fruit, the banana, can be an amazing creamy base for a decadent treat while still being healthy. I buy bananas in bulk lately to let ripen, peel, chop, and freeze for smoothies and desserts.


I don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but this dessert is amazing! The rich and creamy gingerbread flavor is fabulous with a slight spice and sweet warmth.


If you have a large, 12-cup+ food processor, the recipe can easily be doubled and tripled for families and parties.


If you’re a fan of gingerbread, try this simple and healthy alternative to baking and traditional ice cream!


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  1. says

    Just going back thru some of your old posts! I have to get into some more Vegan ICe Creams that I make at home! I think it’s perfect timing now that I have my GoL Products :)

    • says

      GoL powder is great in protein ice cream and this is a delicious recipe for it. I need to try it in a pumpkin pie banana ice cream next!