Balsamic Butternut Mash

Thankfully this has been a much better week at work and in general. No windshield cracks and I got most of my Christmas shopping done. With that stress out of the way, I’m really starting to feel festive while enjoying our tree.


And cuddling up with a sweet hubby and pets on a chilly night.


And I’ve been finding more time to write and experiment with festive recipes. Tonight I grabbed a butternut squash to try a new raw mash recipe because I haven’t found many raw butternut recipes I love yet mainly for the texture, the squash seems too tough and crunchy when spiral sliced and grainy when processed into raw “rice”.


So I wanted to try a recipe with a smoother, mashed potatoes texture that’s creamy, rich, and hearty.



I processed the squash mixture for nearly 5 minutes to fully blend with the hemp seeds and herbs with a couple of stop-and-stirs. Even so, the recipe came together in less than 15 minutes which included chopping up the squash – perfect for a busy weeknight.


The mash can be warmed up in a dehydrator for up to 30 minutes to soften it more, but I found the texture and spices very warming.


And I’m just now noticing it looks a lot like my Nacho Almond Spread in color and texture, I must be craving savory orange dishes this week in our chilly temps.


The mash makes a great savory side dish that can be a vegan main dish too.

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