Soggy Chill Weekend

It’s been an interesting weekend with the skies looking pretty angry for most of it.

And plenty of gusty rain to go a long with them, not pleasant to be outside in at all! So, with the exception of a few errands, we stayed inside and enjoyed the Christmas tree and decorations.

And played a few video games, watched The Walking Dead, experimented in the kitchen, and tackled lots of laundry.

Miko invented a new game with all the time indoors, the object is to see how far he could skid the Christmas tree skirt down the hallway.

And toasted his little rear in front of the fireplace while waiting for us to put the skirt back.

Leela preferred to relax most of the weekend in her favorite place.

And I spent some time playing in the kitchen with the pizza leftovers from Friday by tossing chopped broccoli, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, salt, and a little water into the blender to create a broccoli “cheese” to add to it.

It didn’t look too appealing, but layered onto the pizza slices easily with sliced tomatoes and dried basil before reheating in the oven.

It may not have been pretty, but creamy broccoli puree makes a decent cheese alternative for pizza with a smooth texture and savory flavor.

Tonight it was back to basics for dinner by julienne slicing a huge carrot into “noodles”.

And coating them in the creamy hemp seed curry sauce from Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Vegan Hemp Recipe Book, one of my favorite sauces!

And I sauteed Brussels sprouts in a little vegan butter, salt, and pepper, to go with the curried carrots for a partially raw dinner.

It came together so simple and fast and was very tasty.

The savory, creamy, and slightly spicy hemp seed curry sauce goes perfect with the sweet carrot ribbons and is a good dish to store in the fridge for a few days for lunch leftovers.

This article, 15 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Hemp Seeds, inspired me to used them in tonight’s dinner and more frequently in general. I especially like reason # 1 comparing the quality of protein in hemp seeds to meat and whey.

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