Creamy Marinara Sauce

It’s really feeling like Christmas now, our Christmas tree is complete with our collection of bubble lights and childhood toys converted into ornaments.

Topped with a glow-in-the-dark Hoberman Sphere that I bought for hubby as a gift in the 90s… I think, and plenty of Mardi Gras beads we’ve collected over the years at various events for garland. It’s chaos, but also a fun celebration of memories, so I love it. :-) And it’s also starting to feel like the holidays on the roads too unfortunately, traffic is getting worse with aggressive drivers and today’s rain storms did not help. I’m ready for the weekend and a little relaxing in front of the fireplace since the weather is supposed to be awful for most of it.

And I was craving a little comfort food for dinner tonight, but comfort food does not have to be horribly unhealthy. Our Italian themed family gathering Saturday had me craving more marinara pasta, but that’s too heavy on a weeknight for me. So I created a creamy, hemp seed marinara sauce to go with spaghetti squash for a lighter version.

The sauce comes together in a blender easily and fast.

And produces a smooth and creamy texture perfect for coating pasta, salad, and squash. Or using as a veggie dip.

I poured a heaping serving over lightly steamed spaghetti squash and topped with a little nutritional yeast and dried parsley.

For a simple, comforting, and fun dinner after a stressful and soggy weekday. The sauce has a strong marinara flavor with the creamy and smooth texture of Alfredo sauce. As well as a nice little protein and omega kick from the hemp seeds.

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