Holiday Time

Whew, the last few days have been a blur of making a mess of my kitchen, cleaning it, running, shopping, and getting ready for the holidays and another family gathering last night. But I’ve also been sleeping in and cuddling with sweet pets in the chilly weather here, it’s been heavenly to have a few days off work and to not feel the need to live by the clock. But I’m also ready to get back to work and back to normal eating after so much partying.

All I have are some highlights from the last few days, like this simple carrot ribbon salad I created for lunch on Friday.

For the dressing, I mixed hummus, balsamic vinegar, and nutritional yeast together quickly in a bowl.

And added chopped tomatoes, sprouted lentils, and walnuts to the salad for a filling, but healthy meal after the Thanksgiving feast.

While I did not participate in the Black Friday shopping madness, we did get a Christmas tree Friday which may be the earliest we’ve ever purchased one!

And it’s almost all set up and decorated, I need to put the final decorations on it today before the big reveal. :-)

I also tried to make butternut fries using these cute little butternut squashes from our garden.

But turns out they were too small and I got little burnt butternut shreds instead, whoops.

And we had “Thanksgiving 2” at my sister’s house last night for family and friends since we all couldn’t get together on the actual holiday. But last night’s theme was Italian since everyone was sick of the traditional Thanksgiving food! I made a batch of vegan hemp seed Parmesan cheese alternative.

To go with the huge plate of vegan pasta and sauce my sister set aside for me.

And there was a gorgeous salad and fried vegan eggplant my sister’s husband sweetly made just for me without eggs.

I also made huge batch of raw dessert balls rolled in shredded coconut for a fun and casual dessert for everyone to help themselves too, much easier than having to slice and serve a pie or cake. :-)

And now I’m getting ready for a 4-mile run after so much holiday eating, whew! The last few days have been wonderful seeing family and relaxing, but this week will be focused on detoxing with mostly raw recipes!

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