Curry Sweet Potato Fries

Another weekend gone, wow. Unlike last weekend, this one was much more relaxing with not much on the agenda. We caught up on house work, took long dog walks, had a fabulous dinner out last night, and saw Pitch Perfect today which was actually a great movie, lots of funny and projectile vomit for a movie about a capella singing. When we got home, I decided it was time to use the mini sweet potatoes that came in our farm box last week and can’t seem to get enough curry lately.

I whipped up a super simple sweet potato fry recipe that came out nicely with a slight spicy kick to go with the curry.

I tried to be slick like hubby and flip the fries in a bowl without utensils, but managed to fling one across the kitchen.

I served it with a massaged collard green and spinach salad which took me more time to make than the fries, but worth it with added mango chunks, chopped apple, and hemp seeds.

The texture of the fries was perfect for me, crispy edges with a hot and moist inside.

The curry flavor was present with a little kick from the cayenne, but enough to compliment the sweet potato, not overwhelm it.

After dinner, I had to have a long play session with Miko and his new favorite Halloween toy.

Lots of fetch, running around, and tug-of-war.

Smokey was not impressed.

And Leela was getting a little tired of having her lap time interrupted.

Just another relaxing Sunday night here.

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  1. kalli says

    oh my word those fries look like heaven! and i love the animal pics! hope you have a good week christine!