Apple Cinnamon Dressing

It was actually nice being stuck at a desk today after yesterday’s half marathon, my legs are feeling the miles! There are few times I can appreciate resting and being lazy like the day after a half marathon, so I enjoyed a little extra time in the kitchen to experiment with a new fall dressing that came our tangy, rich, and with a warm cinnamon flavor to coat a cool salad.

The dressing looks like a thick and creamy apple sauce, the chia seeds add a hearty texture.

For the salad, I was having a little too much fun with a cheese grater grating jicama, carrots, and red cabbage for the base. Then added chopped sweet pepper, radish, hemp seeds, and sunflower seeds for a colorful and slightly sweet blend.

The dressing coated the mixture evenly with a strong and slightly sweet cinnamon flavor. I topped my serving with dried coconut for a sweet, colorful celebration of fall for dinner.

What I like about cinnamon is that it seems warm and comforting even in chilled or room temperature raw vegan dishes.

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