Cheesy Chia Sauce

Somehow I kept thinking hoping today is Thursday and the weekend is around the corner. At least today felt like it should be Thursday since it’s been such a busy week. Leela is looking a little worse for wear from this week too.

The poor sweetheart hates houseflies, she has an irrational fear of them and spotted one zipping around the room. So she’s been cautiously watching for it or hiding in the closet all night.

Miko could care less, he’s always ready to party.

And I’m always ready to create another super food raw vegan sauce in the Vitamix! I created this one to turn lightly steamed broccoli and spinach into a cheesy, gooey meal and it was definitely gooey!

The sauce is very thick and can get slightly gelatinous like a processed cheese product from the chia seeds, making it perfect for a gooey coating or dip.

I mixed lightly steamed chopped broccoli and spinach with it for a messy looking, but delicious veggie dish.

The flavor is very savory and rich with a slight smokey hint, very much like a processed cheese dip. But considerably more nutrient dense and better for you with a cheesy flavor that should make younger, picky eaters happy. :-)

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  1. cel says

    You always have the most delicious sauce recipes! I don’t have hemp seeds but I do have lots of n. yeast. Do you have any hot sauce recipes?

  2. lynntofu says

    I just made this in my Black n Decker blender. There wasn’t enough liquid to blend it together so I had to add 1/4 c water. Would it of blended better in a high speed blender? It still tastes good!

    • says

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. The liquid amount in this sauce can vary depending on the size of the bell pepper used and blender, larger peppers have more liquid in them. Any blender will work, but the Vitamix can puree the liquids out of veggies quicker in my experience, but sometimes a little water is needed.