Fast Carrot Ginger Pate

Thankfully I’m feeling better today, less congested, and hoping to attempt a long run shortly. Keeping my fingers crossed! Yesterday I ended up doing a workout at home on our elliptical while getting engrossed in Forest Gump. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I was saturated in sweat – whoops!

Hubby and I also buzzed around the house catching up on chores and doing a little seasonal deep cleaning sterilizing the kitchen, moving furniture to clean under and around, and even scrubbing the windows. Days like that make me thankful we don’t have a bigger house! But nice to clean all the pet fur from hidden places. I also made it to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for a family gathering tonight to make one of my favorite raw vegan Ani’s cakes that I haven’t made in ages. The ingredients aren’t cheap, but worth it for special occasions on a recipe that I know will impress.

Then I got inspired to create another recipe for dinner last night that was super simple and tasty.


Because of the thick texture, it takes a little longer to blend on low and requires a couple stop-and-stirs. But the chunky texture is worth it.

For the wraps, I created large, thin zucchini ribbons with a standard veggie peeler and layered them like a nori sheet or collard leaf.

And shared the scraps with a zucchini-loving kitchen buddy.

I only added sprouted lentils to the wraps for a fast and simple dinner.

The pate came out great with a tangy and rich ginger flavor. And the texture was another plus because the chunks of almonds added a hearty crunch, a lot like chunky peanut butter.

It can keep in the fridge for up to 5 days for fast weekday meals, I think I’ll use the leftovers like a hummus-style dip for chopped cucumbers and bell peppers next.

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