Fiery Cilantro Dressing

Things are finally getting back to normal here with hubby thankfully feeling better, but I’m already ready for the weekend. Miko doesn’t mind us being sick if it means more lap time for him.

But I mind the dragging days at work and lack of energy. It’s been awhile since I’ve been stuck with a cold and while I’m thankful it was pretty mild for me, being sick always reminds me of the importance of good health and rejuvenates my passion to maintain a high-raw diet. Tonight I decided to spice things up a bit with another blender salad dressing inspired by the cilantro chutney I picked up in Sausalito. And it gave me a great excuse to use a jalapeno from our bursting plant in the garden.




The dressing is an interesting color from the dates, but a festive party of flavor I assure you.

I coated a huge salad of carrots, cultured veggies, avocado, sprouted lentils, chopped apple, and a corn mixture with the dressing.

And topped with nutritional yeast for a rich and creamy texture.

The flavors in the dressing have many personalities including spicy, sweet, tangy, savory, garlicy, and gingery. They all work together well for a complex salad of textures, color, and flavor variety.

The taste of this dressing can vary since fresh ginger, garlic, and jalapenos can vary a lot in strength in my experience. But that also makes it a fun adventure and the perfect lively way to supercharge me to get through the rest of this week.

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