The Incredible Vanishing Weekend

This is one of those weekends where I’m not gonna be able to fit in all I want to and need to because it’s already been a whirlwind! Today I have a long list of chores to tackle and shopping to do for the week before preparing food for and  hitting another birthday party tonight, ugh! It’s all fun stuff, I just need a longer weekend apparently. Hubby and I started the weekend on Friday with a relaxing dinner out to one of his favorite places – The Chef’s Table. It’s a very small restaurant where a very talented chef prepares unique creations behind a bar from a short menu. The problem is there usually isn’t too many vegan options on that menu, at least not any filling options. But they usually never have a problem creating something off the menu for me. This creation came out fabulously – their seasonal ratatouille vegetables mixed with a jalapeno sauce and fettuccine pasta.

I’m not a big pasta eater at home, but going out is a great excuse to enjoy it and the many unique vegan variations I’ve been finding. This dish did not let me down, the tangy and spicy sauce went perfectly with the vegetables and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

After a long work week, is was nice to sleep in a little Saturday. Well, as much as the dogs would allow, until 7 AM. Then I headed out for a long run in lovely sunny and cool weather.

The problem was it was windy, very windy for running, and I felt more tired than normal after this run. Breaking in new shoes and perhaps too much wine the night before probably didn’t help.

I dragged through the rest of the chores and errands for the day before throwing a huge salad together and heading over to my sister’s for a family gathering in the early afternoon. I had a lovely dinner there of salad and baked squash from my garden, and watermelon for dessert while chatting and catching up.

But I was wiped by 8 PM and barely had enough energy to get ready for bed by the time we got home around 9:30 PM. And now it’s Sunday already, whoa this weekend is flying by too fast!

Usually I’m pretty good about not overbooking myself on weekends, but sometimes it’s just not avoidable when multiple parties pop up and chores that didn’t get done over the busy week need to be. Hopefully I can cram in some rest time today between the party, shopping, food preparing, gym, church, laundry…

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