Ginger Tempeh Hummus

Okay, this weekend might be going by too fast. Friday, well most of the week, was simply insane at work. Time flew, but the stress levels weren’t fun at all and haven’t been easy to come down from this weekend. I spent most of Saturday running errands and getting the house under control with gardening and laundry. And playing with some sweet buddies of course.

I did find a little time to get experimental in the kitchen again with a new hummus recipe. Tempeh is my favorite base ingredient for hummus lately because it’s packed with protein and fiber, adds a heartier and nutty flavor, and can make a meal out of any veggies, crackers, breads, or wraps it’s paired with.

This time I jazzed it up with raw ginger for a tangy and bright hummus.

It took a few stop and stirs during while using the food processor to get the texture, the tahini sometimes wants to get clumpy under the blade.

But the end result is worth it with a thick and rich hummus that’s not runny or drippy.

And the leftovers will hold in the fridge for a few days for simple weekday lunches.

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