Tempeh Alfredo Sauce

Monday nights are rarely exciting at the dinner table here, something about the long work week ahead and a busy day at work just does not compel me to get creative in the kitchen. But not today, I came up with a crazy tempeh idea in between addressing the weekend’s worth of work emails. After a stressful day, I’m usually craving something creamy and hearty, loaded with protein and veggies. And I had a package of Trader Joe’s Organic Tempeh and zucchini to work with.

I spiral sliced 4 medium zucchinis which made a lot of noodles.

And created a tempeh-based Alfredo sauce – crazy, right? But if the Vitamix can puree raw nuts and dates, why not tempeh too? The kicker is it actually came out good for an Alfredo sauce that was high in protein, fiber, and probiotics which is my type of comfort food!


The sauce is very think and had to be scooped from the Vitamix container.

But it coated the zucchini noodles perfectly after plenty of tossing.

And it’s Miko approved.

The dish made a nice work or art for a plain old Monday and was very rich, creamy and filling. The raw garlic added a nice kick to the sauce while not being too strong.

And I’m thrilled that tempeh can work wonderfully in place of nuts and seeds in pureed creamy vegan sauces, the texture of the sauce was not gritty or lumpy at all.

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  1. says

    I have never heard of using tempeh for a sauce or hummus!
    I tried to google what 1 8oz was converted into grams but it had multiple different answers.
    Do you knw how many grams you used?