Wasabi Sweet Potato Fries

Awhile back I splurged on a pricy item at Whole Foods, actual wasabi powder and it wasn’t cheap! Since the real stuff is expensive to produce, most of the wasabi in the US is actually a blend of horseradish and mustard. That’s not a bad thing, but I wanted to see if the real stuff is any different from the cheaper blends. Sadly, I’ve hardly used this little jar because I keep forgetting about it.

But that ended tonight when I saw a recipe for wasabi fries in this week’s issue of VegNews. I would have followed the recipe if I had all the ingredients for it, like russet potatoes and rice vinegar. But I didn’t and ended up inventing my own version using up some sweet potatoes that needed to be used soon!


Summer has officially arrived for me when the raw coconut oil is liquified in the pantry, no softening needed. And it finally is!

I managed to keep all the fries in the bowl while tossing, go me!

After baking, the fries didn’t look very different, but had crispy edges and a warm, gooey center.

I paired them with a large, avocado-heavy salad, great comfort meal after a day of shopping and tackling house chores.

The sweet and spicy flavor is present, but not too spicy at all. The wasabi worked well with the coconut oil and sweetness from the sweet potatoes and NuNaturals liquid stevia.

Simple and tasty, perfect end to a relaxing weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating, hope it’s been a great day. I went out to lunch and a little shopping with my mom today which is always a great way to spend the day. :-)

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  1. says

    Oh wow, I’d love to try these! Coconut oil, stevia, and wasabi (which adds a kick but not full of sodium – a big win for me) Great recipe idea!

    And coconut oil liquifying…mine still hasn’t yet!

  2. Ali says

    This is too funny. I saw the jar of coconut oil at the top of the post, and immediately turned around to look at my jar sitting next to the stove, thinking “its been warm the last couple days, is my jar liquid yet?” Not yet here, but I had to laugh when further down in your post I read that you know summer’s here when yours liquifies!

    • says

      That’s great, it seemed to take forever to liquify here, thought the warmer weather would never arrive! Soon I’ll be complaining about triple-digit heat I’m sure. :-P