Blueberry Hemp Dressing

Blech, Sunday night already and a bittersweet one heading into a busy week at work. I’ve been in a bit of a fog this weekend dealing with sinus pressure and headaches, a rare annoyance for me, so it’s been nice to sleep in and relax a little bit at home. Yesterday I had a snack plate of leftovers for lunch before running out to stock up at Costco, a large plate of chopped veggies with a container of leftover carrot miso dressing and hummus for dipping.

After Costco, I spent some time in the kitchen preparing a simple, yet delicious, raw fruit salad for a Cinco de Mayo themed birthday party for my niece. It just contained chopped watermelon, pineapple, and fresh minced mint leaves for a crisp and refreshing treat in the hot weather.

It’s always a party hit that’s so simple to throw together.

Thankfully there were plenty of vegan options at the party too from baked beans.

To fresh, homemade salsas.

I was able to assemble a tasty, layered vegan plate of beans, minced black olives, salsa, lettuce and crumbled tortilla chips that looked strange, but was very tasty.

It was a fun, but long party full of screaming kids on a trampoline and plenty of alcohol, both hubby and I were pretty wiped by the evening and happy to get home to take the dogs for a long walk and enjoy the super bright moon – wow!

We weren’t the only ones, I noticed a lot of walkers and runners out at 9:30 PM enjoying the rare moon, you won’t catch me running that late after a few margaritas!

Today was another relaxing day of sleeping in and leisurely catching up on chores for the week. And we saw The Avengers in the afternoon in a very crowded theater. All I can say is wow! The movie was non-stop action with amazing effects, totally worth putting up with the crowds for! And it inspired me to create a new hemp dressing for dinner, well Ironman did since he’s always eating healthy in the Ironman movies and was snacking on blueberries in The Avengers.


The dressing is light, airy, and sweet, with a refreshing tang from the balsamic vinegar, perfect for veggie or fruit salads. It pairs well with spinach, red peppers, carrots, and other slightly sweet veggies. And it has a pretty purple blue color that’s very cheery for spring and summer.

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    this is crazy b/c I was going thru old recipes I’ve saved in my email from years of blog reading and just two days ago, came across a recipe for blueberry cashew cream that I have had saved for *four years*. I love your sauce!