Stir Fried Tempeh

Another weekend gone, yikes! In the spirit of relaxing Sunday, I stuck with a simple staple dinner that’s fast and easy to prepare – a tempeh stir fry.

And I used the miso sauce from this tofu stir fry recipe.

With chard, onion, orange bell pepper, and broccoli for the veggies – not a bad color combo at all.

The sauce had a mild and pleasant spicy kick with a slight sweetness that worked well with the slightly bitter chard. Apparently I wasn’t the only fan of it because two chihuahuas jumped into my lap to beg for a nibble.

Such innocent little faces waiting to fight over who gets to clean the plate.

Tonight I worked on my juicing goal with dinner by swiping some fresh arugula and kale from the garden to juice.

And added some carrots and an apple to the juicing pile.

This juice was an interesting color, but tasted much sweeter than I expected. Arugula has a slightly bitter taste to me, so I expected the juice to be and it wasn’t!

I had plenty of time to juice because I came home to a pleasant surprise – hubby wanting to prepare a vegan tempeh stir fry for us!

I know, two tempeh stir fries for dinner in a row does not sound very exciting, but this one was completely different from last nights. And I wasn’t about to discourage this exciting new trend after a long day at work!

We threw together a stir fry sauce of cornstarch, Dijon mustard, agave nectar, and soy sauce for a fun creation.

And his tempeh stir fry came out wonderfully with onions, broccoli, and mushrooms added.

So I let him relax with a couch buddy while I cleaned the kitchen. :-)

Then indulged on a bowl of frozen grapes.



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  1. says

    Frozen grapes and a sweeter than expected juice blend are great…and so is that stir fry. I am so in love with tempeh the past month or so. I love seeing all the ways you work it in!