Thai Tempeh Noodles

We’re only two days into the week and I’m ready for it to end already! Shorthanded at work with tons of projects and problems, tons of rain and wind adding bad hair to my stress, and another cold/flu thing running around that I don’t want to catch – sheesh! I guess I’ve been a little cranky coming home after battling viruses, hardware problems, and traffic because this is how Smokey has been greeting me this week so far.

Can’t blame her, at least someone is happy to see me.

As long as I’m ready to play tug-of-war and throw a stuffed cow about a million times.

I admit, sticking to a high raw dinner is tough when it’s cold and raining outside, warm foods seem to call me. I’m thankful for my fridge full of tempeh.

And decided to use a package for a hybrid raw experiment with a little spicy kick and creamy Thai-style sauce and it worked out well.

Red pepper flakes are little flavor miracles when used in moderation, perfect for adding a little kick to blender sauces and dressings for me.

Sugar snap peas are one of my favorite snacking veggies, give me a bag of them with some hummus and I’m a happy girl. But they add a sweet crunch to salads and stir fries too.

I never get tired of added stir fried tempeh to salads and raw dishes for a heartier protein, so simple and fast to throw into a wok. I even added a dash of cayenne powder to the wok for a little more kick.

The sauce coated the zucchini noodles beautifully with a creamy, slightly spicy richness.

The festive colors and fun twirling zucchini noodles in this dish were a definite mood booster for me after a frustrating day.

For a nutrient dense, high-raw dish, it looks and tastes like a decadent Thai dish I might get while splurging on a Friday night, but it’s only Tuesday – score!

Even though the weather is cold and icky not feeling very spring like, I am determined to maintain a high-raw diet to stay feeling good and energetic as things get more intense with half marathon training, crappy colds keep getting passed around, and work showing no signs of settling down over the next few months. But more inspiration is always appreciated, like this story about a 70-year-old thriving on a raw vegan diet and looking damn good! But this quote struck home with me after listening to years of stories from my nurse mom:

​”Your genes and your family disease history are like a loaded gun,” she says. “Your lifestyle choices dictate whether you pull the trigger or not. Not everybody has to be where I am, but it is of the utmost importance that we make improvements, because hospitals are filled with people that are digging their graves with their forks.”

Yikes! And so true!

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  1. says

    this is a perfect meal: the sauce, the tempeh (woohoo!), the sugar snap peas, red peppers..seriously aside from the garlic in the sauce, I want to recreate this, like…now!!

    sorry your week is so…ugh.

  2. says

    oh this looks incredible! this week has been long already and i have been cranky too :( but i think your dinner would make me very happy!

    • says

      Thanks, it tastes a lot like peanut sauce with almond butter and raw almonds can be puréed into the sauce if you don’t have almond butter.