Scraping the Barrel for WIAW

Yay, tomorrow is Friday – oh wait, damn! For some reason I keep thinking today is Thursday, not Wednesday. After the crazy week it’s been, it just feels like the weekend should be closer and especially since it’s a 3 day weekend. Even Miko is looking a little worse for wear bundled in his bed refusing to face the chilly, biting wind outside.

Maybe Valentine’s Day is to blame too. While it was a wonderful day, it can be exhausting celebrating in the middle of the week and not wanting the fun to end. Hubby sent me these lovely roses at work yesterday making everyone jealous.

Love the mess of computer cables in the back? Ah, life as an IT professional.

And he had some fun gifts waiting at home for our gift exchange including a new recipe book stand, glass straw, nice notebooks for recipes, and Brendan Brazier’s THRIVE Foods book.

I’ve already dived into it a bit, but it’s a frustrating reminder that I have more good books than I’ve had time for lately. My to read pile is growing, I need a week long vacation sitting on the beach reading I think! But so far the intro has a lot of good points on stress and the negative effects it can have on health.

And we had a lovely evening out at an upscale, local Italian restaurant where I got spaghetti with house made marinara sauce. Even though it’s a pretty generic Italian vegan option, I thoroughly enjoyed it since I never have spaghetti at home. Sorry, no pictures since I spent the evening chatting with hubby or glued to my work cell phone being on call this week – not so romantic!

Anyway, there is a good thing about it only being Wednesday – it’s WIAW!

Breakfast: This morning was a generic weekday smoothie for breakfast that I had to take to work in a Klean Kanteen since I forgot to bring home my smoothie cup yesterday. Did I mention it’s been a busy week? :-)

Things were so non-stop at work, I had to really fight urges to dive into a canister of Red Vines for snack when my stomach started growling before lunch. Luckily, I stumbled on a huge bag of free oranges in the break room from a co-workers tree and had three small ones with a tea break instead.

Lunch: An interesting mix – salad, edamame, grapes, and a little Nutrition Action reading.

Followed by fresh air-popped popcorn with a dash of olive oil and salt. Hmm, this is becoming a Wednesday lunch staple for me.

Dinner: By dinner time I was seriously scraping the barrel since we’re almost completely out of fresh produce. I was very tempted to hit the Whole Foods salad bar on the way home, but raided kale and arugula from our garden instead to make a salad since tomorrow is farm box delivery day.

I added carrot ribbons and the curry hemp sauce from Kristen’s Suzanne’s Raw Vegan Hemp Recipe book.

And dug out the last package of TJ’s tempeh from the fridge to crumble into a wok with a little olive oil to make crunchy tempeh bits to top the salad.

When tempeh crumbles are stir fried over high heat in a little oil, they turn into something that looks and tastes a lot like tater tots with a crunchy exterior and soft, but hearty inside. They were wonderful throwbacks to my childhood!

And made a great crunchy topping for my creamy and messy curry salad.

Not pictured is the almonds and frozen banana slices I snacked on for dessert. :-)

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  1. says

    I love your love of popcorn. I’m just as passionate!

    And your blue KK bottle is in such pristine condition. Ours are so..beat. But they still work.

    I haven’t cracked open a Brendan book in ages. Thanks for the reminder.