Kale Pesto


Happy weekend! How’s yours going? A little too fast here, not sure I’m ready to head back to work tomorrow after last week’s business, but oh well. I adore kale and have it multiple times a day frequently between smoothies and salads. But I’m also in a bit of a rut with it using it […]

Quick Dill Quinoa


Glad Monday is over, it was a crazy one at work that left me feeling a bit like mush when I got home. I would have started writing this post sooner, but mush brain here was easily distracted by LifeBuzz. Why have I not seen this site before? It’s still raining here and that’s great […]

Quinoa with Anise Seed


Hope everyone is having a great weekend, it’s been productive and relaxing here so far. We watched our neighbor cover their house in Christmas decorations yesterday and I love it, think I ready to decorate ours. :-) The weather is getting chilly with lows in the 30s this weekend and I also love that, great […]

Raw Marinated Cauliflower


Is it Friday yet? Rats, I am ready for this week to be over. Poor Miko has been feeling neglected with me being a little burned out after busy days at work. And I haven’t been feeling too creative in the kitchen this week, there’s lots of stuff I want to do, like dehydrate more […]

Tempeh Tots


It’s only Tuesday and the week is already filled with ups and downs! A downer is work has been nuts still, so much going on with system upgrades, start ups, etc. I’m glad to be busy and it makes the day fly by, but it’s draining when our department is shorthanded. And then there was […]

Hemp Spinach Soup


When I’m flying solo for dinner, I’m usually not sitting at the table alone. Shadow sits and pouts in hubby’s seat starring at me as if asking what I did with his favorite guy. I try to convince Shadow he’ll be home shortly, but he just stares at me with that worried and sad look. […]

Ginger Hemp Dolmas


Smokey has a rough life, can’t you tell? It’s hard not feeling relaxed just looking at her. Gotta respect a cat that has no problem letting it all hang out and enjoying simple pleasures in life like cheap Ikea mats and sunlight. She inspired me to focus on simple pleasures for dinner like my favorite […]