The Fix for Foodies & Pesto Quinoa


Yesterday I headed to Nevada City for a vegan meet up at The Fix for Foodies hosted by Kayle of Cowgirls & Collard Greens. I’ve been there before, but it’s been awhile, so I jumped at this opportunity to hang out with familiar vegan friends and meet new vegans. Nevada City is about an hour […]

Curried Quinoa & Broccoli


I’ve been a little obsessed with this refrigerated package of simply pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joe’s. For a few dollars, it has 5 large servings that are ready for soups, salads, or any other fast weeknight creation. And it comes in a packed loaf that’s easy to slice into servings and break apart. Last night […]

Lemon Thyme Quinoa


Miko is not sure about competing with hubby’s latest craze – Farm Heroes Saga. Apparently it’s like Candy Crush with a different twist and I’ve avoided installing Farm Heroes since I’m frustratedly stuck in Candy Crush. After Sunday’s half marathon, I was feeling a little wiped last night… and sore. So it was such a […]

Curried Tomatoes and Quinoa


I really hate the lack of pockets in women’s clothes in general, but especially women’s running clothes. Thanks to my job, I usually have two and sometimes three smartphones with no pocket options for carrying them. Guys can run in baggy shorts with huge pockets, but we’re lucky if women’s running leggings or skimpy shorts […]

Simple Tofu Soup


I am sooooo glad tomorrow is Friday and it’s a 3-day romantic Valentine’s weekend because it’s been a long and exhausting week with loads going on at work and me dragging a little from stress. It hasn’t been a stressful week for Skipper, he’s been having a blast. It’s become a ritual for him to […]

Simple Quinoa Chili


I have a confession to make about football. Well maybe it’s not quite that extreme, I do enjoy games a little bit sometimes. Still the Superbowl is sort of like this for me. Because I work with a lot of football crazy co-workers and listen to some passionate and angry debates about this player’s performance, […]

Moroccan Quinoa


So far it’s been a relaxing weekend here which is nice after a busy week. I got pet beds washed, organized and did some catching up on paperwork in our office, took the dogs for a long walk, completed a few recipes, laundry, kitchen cleaning, had an extended workout at the gym, played Plants vs. […]

Curried Quinoa and Raisins


It has been a looooong day here that started with dashing out of the house a 7am with a gym bag and a loaded slow cooker for our office potluck. The timing of Christmas this year is kind of tricky for recipe planning with my full time work schedule, I haven’t really been into preparing […]

Split Lentil Soup


This week is moving quickly, Wednesday already! And tonight is our last night of freezing temps for awhile and that’s alright with me. And the chihuahuas too, hopefully they’ll be more willing to go outside! Tonight they’re happy to park it by the fireplace. Skipper is happy to thoroughly check the kitchen floor for more […]