Make It An Easy One Pot


Cool things are happening in our backyard like figs getting ripe. I barely got any figs from our fig tree last year because it was so little, there weren’t enough leaves to hide the ripe figs from the birds. But it’s bigger with more leaves this year so I’m hoping to get more! And one of our […]

Tangy Sunchoke Quinoa


We’ve been getting a lot of rain this weekend and that’s good and so are the cool looking clouds. Miko does not agree, he and Leela are getting a little frustrated and bored. I’ve been catching up on a lot of cleaning and a little experimenting in the kitchen. Last week I scored a huge […]

Split Pea Quinoa with Lentils


Leela and Miko are still recovering and maybe not talking to me slightly after yesterday. We took them both to the vet for annual shots and nail clippings which I hate putting them through. Leela is a little better about car rides and going to the vet after multiple teeth cleanings, but poor Miko pouted […]

Versatile Cumin Lentils and Quinoa


Thanks to the Pineapple Express, which the massive storm that’s been hitting Northern California for the last two days has been named, it’s been raining non stop here for over 24 hours. No flooding in this area and the winds have not been as bad as predicted, so we’ve been lucky! And getting all the […]

Spinach Quinoa


Good morning! I’m up early trying to prepare myself for a 7-mile training run while tweaking my running playlists. I saw this 10-minute video on Facebook yesterday and got mesmerized watching it. Philip Wollen does an amazing job of summing up all the issues in the world related to eating meat and how illogical it […]

Simple One Pot Broccoli Quinoa


It’s hot again, triple-digit heat all this week. And it’s getting to poor Skipper who has been crashing froggy-style all over the house. Poor old guy comes in from the evening walks and just crashes in the front hall until he has energy to make it to his cooling hammock bed. I keep reminding him […]

Curried Quinoa & Broccoli


I’ve been a little obsessed with this refrigerated package of simply pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joe’s. For a few dollars, it has 5 large servings that are ready for soups, salads, or any other fast weeknight creation. And it comes in a packed loaf that’s easy to slice into servings and break apart. Last night […]