Simple Potato Broccoli Soup


Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. It’s been a week of worry and sinus issues here. Shadow, one of our sweet gray kitties, is having health issues. We noticed he’s been losing weight and having intestinal issues and took him into the vet this week to find out it’s either thyroid issues or feline leukemia. The […]

Simple Tofu Soup


I am sooooo glad tomorrow is Friday and it’s a 3-day romantic Valentine’s weekend because it’s been a long and exhausting week with loads going on at work and me dragging a little from stress. It hasn’t been a stressful week for Skipper, he’s been having a blast. It’s become a ritual for him to […]

Broccoli Potato Leek Soup


Monday got here too fast again, our relaxing weekend didn’t seem long enough. Miko spent plenty of time toasting by the fireplace. And hubby and I spent some time playing in the kitchen. I skipped grocery shopping this weekend to try and use up what we have stock piled in the pantry and freezer, so […]

Apple Broccoli Soup


It’s actually cold and rainy here today and Miko is not a happy camper, he’d rather snuggle up inside than go outside and do his doggy business. It takes a little extra coaxing to get him to the backyard and he usually stays under the overhang and refuses to step out into the rain. Skipper, […]

Simple Chili Soup


I’m picky about what we feed the dogs after being horrified at what’s in most cheap dog foods. I’m always looking for healthy, vegan-friendly dog food and treats that won’t break our budget with three dogs now. Luckily they seem pretty happy with V-Dog food, but they also get a lot of treats. I’m just […]

Curried Apple Soup


We’re really starting to embrace fall here, the chihuahuas have started burrowing into blankets for the cooler weather. Miko was so comfy in his pink blanket, he dragged it away from his bed when it was time to go outside. Skipper has been embracing relax time wedging himself into pillows. And chihuahua beds. I’m embracing […]

Curry Zucchini Soup


Yesterday was a long, but fun day. It was National Plug In Day, a holiday to celebrate electric vehicles, and I volunteered with SacEV at a big celebration event at the Folsom Outlets. It was an all day event and I was scheduled for the second part of the day to show cars, answer questions, […]