This Turmeric Dressing Makes You Feel Alive


This week started off strong, I was feeling good about starting my mornings earlier for more productivity before work and getting to the gym after a focused vinyasa yoga class on Sunday. Then things started getting crazy at work with lots of projects, urgent problems, and overtime. The IT world can just be fun and spontaneous like […]

Sweet and Spicy Tahini Brings a Salad to Life


I’ve officially completed my second hot vinyasa yoga class at Zuda Yoga thanks to ClassPass and I’m starting to really like it and get the hang of it, I’m tempted to work up to an advance level if I can fit the classes in with my current gym/work schedule. There is something very therapeutic and relaxing […]

Weekend List with More Kicky Avocado


Weekend mornings are great for sipping coffee and enjoying a little quiet time in the office with this guy catching up on news and stuff from the week. After 5 days of rushing to get out of the house in the morning, slow mornings is one of the things I look forward to most about […]

When Avocado with Kick is Fabulous


We finally got a little bit of rain here this week. No where near enough to make a dent in the scary drought conditions, but enough to make the dogs protest going outside to do their business. Miko is so funny when he thinks it’s too cold and wet outside, he curls his tail and butt in, […]

Why Smoothies Are the Best Fast Food


When it comes to smoothies, there are many different directions you can go from a light serving alternative to fruits and veggies to a full on hearty meal replacement. I’m more of a meal replacement girl, smoothies are my go to for fast, healthy, energizing, and nutritious meals on the go and my favorite for […]

Hot Pink Fun Salad


We’re getting through the week here and Miko has been restless looking for more play time. Me too, buddy, me too! Leela is doing a little better with her allergies/sinus infection, not as much sneezing and sniffling and her appetite and bladder have settled down now that she’s off medication. And they’ve both been looking […]

Avocado Nacho Dressing


It’s been a week with a lot of stress at work and me cranky while battling a cold, I’m ready for it to end and had to remind myself to breathe and be grateful a few times! Miko seems to know I’m a little out of sorts and has been extra clingy and cuddly. And […]

Better Ranch Dressing


Poor Leela is still having sinus issues. We learned at her last vet appointment that she’s still battling a sinus infection and possibly allergies which have been really bad for pets this year too with the drought. She’s hanging in there and happy to hang around the dinner table reminding us we could be sharing. […]

Another Awesome Ginger Dressing


Friday is almost here and Miko is ready, he thinks we’ve been working too much and not playing with him enough. I agree! Time to start thinking about using vacation time! He did enjoy the little bits of carrot I fed him while making this dressing because can you ever really get tired of tahini […]

Why Kale Makes Pesto Better


Whew, Friday is almost here. Pesto is awesome, right? It’s creamy, rich, savory, decadent, and has a lovely garlic kick. But the traditional recipes are too decadent packed with oil and cheese, it’s a greasy way to add too many calories, a nutritional nightmare! Basil is tasty and it smells heavenly. But it’s nutritional profile […]