Protein Dijon Dressing


Hey, Friday is almost here! I’m ready, it’s been an odd week of drama and stress. Thank goodness for great family to talk to, a wonderful husband, and intense workouts to blow off a little steam. And we’re still kicking it here with Shadow, he’s eating and drinking. But not gaining any weight, very skinny, […]

Cinnamon Banana Dressing


Wow, October is here already! It’s an awesome month for vegans in Northern California starting with the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge running during the entire month. Basically a bunch of restaurants create fabulous vegan menus to compete against each other for votes and anyone can try these unique dishes and vote for their favorites. It’s […]

Tomato Cheddar Dressing


I’m here and it’s been a week so far! Lots going on at work with big projects and issues. I’ll spare you the details, but I was actually looking forward to a dentist appointment today because I got to leave work early, like a mini vacation to have my teeth scraped! Hopefully things will settle […]

Coconut Curry Dressing


I miss the long weekend already, it was quiet and relaxing and somewhat productive. Shadow slept most of it during the days so he could run up and down the halls screaming at 2am. I spent some time studying for an IT certification exam with a happy chihuahua in my lap. And ate this simple […]

Hemp Cheddar Noodles


Fall is getting closer because spaghetti squashes are showing up in the stores. I pretty much like all squash, but these are one of my favorites just for the fun factor. I grabbed this cute little organic one over the weekend. And it inspired this new cheddar hemp sauce for a cheesy noodle squash bowl. […]