Butternut Sage Soup


Ready for Thanksgiving yet? I’m not and really do not have a menu yet since we’ll be at a family members house. It will probably be a Trader Joe’s or Tofurky vegan roast with a couple of vegan sides, we’ll see! But it’s kind of nice to not stress about it this year, no crazy […]

Citrus Tahini Dressing


It has been chilly, overcast, and rainy this weekend. So the dogs have either been in my lap or in front of the fireplace. Rough life, huh? One great thing about winter here is our little tangerine tree explodes with tangerines. And they’re all starting to get ripe, woohoo! I used one in this simple […]

Autumn Squash Dressing


Thanks again for the kind words on Shadow, it’s been tough dealing with multiple losses this month. We’re thankful to have had the time we did with them and trying to focus on celebrating that. Miko, Leela, and Smokey have been so sweet to us as we’re dealing with everything, Miko has been extra cuddly […]

Cinnamon Banana Dressing


Wow, October is here already! It’s an awesome month for vegans in Northern California starting with the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge running during the entire month. Basically a bunch of restaurants create fabulous vegan menus to compete against each other for votes and anyone can try these unique dishes and vote for their favorites. It’s […]

Tomato Cheddar Dressing


I’m here and it’s been a week so far! Lots going on at work with big projects and issues. I’ll spare you the details, but I was actually looking forward to a dentist appointment today because I got to leave work early, like a mini vacation to have my teeth scraped! Hopefully things will settle […]