Kicky Tomato Dressing


My long birthday weekend is going well, I could get used to relaxing mornings to take the dogs for leisurely walks, go to the gym, drink coffee, go for runs outside, etc. It’s back to the grind tomorrow after another day of fun today and I guess that’s a good thing too. My niece made […]

Simple Silky Orange Ginger Dressing


Hi, popping in with a quick post again because it’s been another busy week at work with lots going on. I’m taking a couple of extra days off next week for my birthday and really looking forward to that down time now. Hopefully things will be settling down soon. I’ve been keeping things simple for dinner with […]

Super Balsamic Basil Dressing


We’ve been enjoying that it hasn’t been as hot here with temps in the 80s and low 90s, Miko loves a little toy throwing time in the backyard. And I noticed our basil plant is going nuts, thriving in the crazy heat. Expect a lot of basil recipes from me over the next few weeks! […]

Sweet BBQ Dressing


Whew, happy Friday eve!  Popping in with a quick recipe because it’s been a busy week! We’re still going through a lot of corn here, I love that the fresh stuff is in season and cheap and I got more in the farm box. I decided to use it in a fresh, BBQ themed salad. But […]

Creamy Chili Dressing


Miko is recovered from all the excitement on the 4th of family fun and fireworks. He took nap time very seriously between play sessions on our day off yesterday. But was not happy with me for leaving him at home this morning when I left for work. I felt the same after four fun days off with family, fun, […]

Fiery Ginger Dressing


Poor Leela, she has an irrational phobia of house flies, hates them. She turns into a nervous, shaking wreck whenever one gets in the house. So much so that she’s willing to cuddle up with Miko in their kennel safe spot to hide from them. Not Miko, he’s won’t stop until he catches them and spits them back […]

Summery Garlic Hemp Dressing


Sunday we headed to IKEA for lunch and a little shopping where I finally tried IKEA’s new vegan veggie balls. IKEA has always been okay to eat vegan at offering salads, soups, and veggie wraps, but hardly anything exciting enough to justify waiting through the long weekend line. I waited it out because I was […]

Simple Sweet Dressing


Leela is still not happy about the triple digit heat here, she kind of wanders around the house restless and seems a little more on edge being stuck inside. But it’s too dangerous to take them for long walks during the worst of the heat. Miko agrees, he’s still fine with chilling inside. I’m fine […]

Nacho Avocado Dip


This week is almost over, whew! I’m looking forward to some fun this weekend too, the last few days at work have just seemed to drag on. I think I have summer fever, road trips and adventures sound much better in the sunny, warm weather than being in an office. So does having outdoor parties […]

Summery Dill Dressing


The dry summer heat is in full swing here, we’re seeing more highs in the triple digits and it’s nice to stay inside enjoying the air conditioning during that time! Luckily the mornings and evenings are cool for runs and yard work, we just try to plan to stay inside during the worst of the […]