Creamy Cumin Orange Salad


I’ve finally finished the wrapping and feeling ready for Christmas, mostly since we’re still working out menus. Are you ready? And I’m still focused on healthy recipes since the holidays seem to be just as much about health assaulting foods as love an celebration, work has been flooded with holiday treats and my inbox is […]

Cranberry Banana Dressing


Miko is still not digging the chillier weather and he’s gonna be really upset over the next few days since we’re supposed to get a super storm with mass amounts of wind and rain. But he’s been getting a lot of indoor play time with hubby. And I’ve been trying to get play time for […]

Dijon Banana Dressing


Yay, Friday is almost here. These full work weeks after a week of vacation are brutal! I’m already looking at my work calendar to plan another day off…or two. And looking forward to the weekend and hoping we can get a Christmas tree if the weather lets us, it was too rainy last weekend. Miko […]

Sweet Tahini Dressing


It’s been raining pretty good here for the last few days and that’s great, we need it! But Miko is not interested in the rain at all, he’d rather snuggle in his pile of blankets. I can’t blame him, I’m tempted to do the same instead of leaving the house for work on cold, dark, […]

Butternut Sage Soup


Ready for Thanksgiving yet? I’m not and really do not have a menu yet since we’ll be at a family members house. It will probably be a Trader Joe’s or Tofurky vegan roast with a couple of vegan sides, we’ll see! But it’s kind of nice to not stress about it this year, no crazy […]

Citrus Tahini Dressing


It has been chilly, overcast, and rainy this weekend. So the dogs have either been in my lap or in front of the fireplace. Rough life, huh? One great thing about winter here is our little tangerine tree explodes with tangerines. And they’re all starting to get ripe, woohoo! I used one in this simple […]

Autumn Squash Dressing


Thanks again for the kind words on Shadow, it’s been tough dealing with multiple losses this month. We’re thankful to have had the time we did with them and trying to focus on celebrating that. Miko, Leela, and Smokey have been so sweet to us as we’re dealing with everything, Miko has been extra cuddly […]