Dry Skin Brushing & Raw Cheddar Sauce


TGIF! I am ready for a little fun this weekend after busy days at work. I ordered myself a little splurge gift from Amazon, the Tampico Skin Brush. From the product description: Skin Brush helps remove dead skin cells and promotes circulation and the natural relief and cleansing process that occurs through the pores of […]

Cheesy Protein Sauce


Whew, almost Friday and then a 3-day weekend! I’m ready after a busy week and thankful. Skipper is very thankful for V-Dog. The dogs get two meals a day now, breakfast and dinner, because that schedule is better for Skipper’s blood sugar. I had to break up the chihuahuas dinner into two small meals, but […]

Chocolate Brownie Balls


I can’t complain about this work week, it’s been much better than last week being shorter and not on call. But still happy tomorrow is Friday and I decided to celebrate early with hubby by stepping out to Baagan for lunch for this week’s salad trio – a unique shaved brussels sprouts, apple, and mustard […]

Super Food Cheesy Sauce


I’m a little sad that it’s Monday already, where did the weekend go? But it was a productive weekend, hubby sweetly sterilized the kitchen since we’re really good and making a mess of it. I got lots of laundry done and a little more decluttering which felt wonderful. And we relaxed with cuddly pets. I […]