Dry Skin Brushing & Raw Cheddar Sauce


TGIF! I am ready for a little fun this weekend after busy days at work. I ordered myself a little splurge gift from Amazon, the Tampico Skin Brush. From the product description: Skin Brush helps remove dead skin cells and promotes circulation and the natural relief and cleansing process that occurs through the pores of […]

Cheesy Protein Sauce


Whew, almost Friday and then a 3-day weekend! I’m ready after a busy week and thankful. Skipper is very thankful for V-Dog. The dogs get two meals a day now, breakfast and dinner, because that schedule is better for Skipper’s blood sugar. I had to break up the chihuahuas dinner into two small meals, but […]

Chocolate Brownie Balls


I can’t complain about this work week, it’s been much better than last week being shorter and not on call. But still happy tomorrow is Friday and I decided to celebrate early with hubby by stepping out to Baagan for lunch for this week’s salad trio – a unique shaved brussels sprouts, apple, and mustard […]

Super Food Cheesy Sauce


I’m a little sad that it’s Monday already, where did the weekend go? But it was a productive weekend, hubby sweetly sterilized the kitchen since we’re really good and making a mess of it. I got lots of laundry done and a little more decluttering which felt wonderful. And we relaxed with cuddly pets. I […]

Raw Protein & Orange Dessert Balls


In some ways I still feel like I’m recovering from being on antibiotics for most of last week. I’ve forgotten, or happily blanked out, how unhappy they can make my insides killing off all the good bacteria too and I think things are still trying to get back to normal. To accelerate that process, I’ve […]

Chia Seed Fun


Like the new look? It’s still a work in progress as I tweak little things here and there. And a nice project to snap me out of a funk I’ve been in the last few days just feeling a little bored, drained, and overwhelmed all at once from work, life, and sinus issues. Miko, on […]